Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast

When Emily Batty could stop hiding her new bikes

Episode Summary

The reigning national cross country champ discusses past successes, challenges and current hopes for the season ahead

Episode Notes

Batty is a two-time Olympian. She's won the national cross country championships at the elite level five times and claimed bronze in two world championship competitions. Last year, Batty announced her departure from Trek Factory Racing. She had been with that organization for 12 years. In this interview, editor Matthew Pioro tries to find out more about the support she'll have this year. The conversation took place not too long after Batty revealed that she is now riding Canyon Bicycles. She could stop trying to keep her bikes from getting spotted when out on the trails near Victoria, where she and her partner Adam Morka have been based since mid-January.

The cross country rider also talks about a gruesome ride she took on in 2020. You'll also hear more about what she learned doing stage races, about the tough, and still ongoing process for making the Olympic team and about taking time for self discovery.